The Bury St Edmunds Society is run by an Executive Committee. The Trustees are required to accept ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the Bury St Edmunds Society, and ensure that it remains solvent, well-run, and delivers the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up. They must ensure that the Charity complies with charity law and acts with integrity. They have a duty of prudence and care in the running of the Society.

The key members, some of whom may be contacted via the Contact us page, are:

Bury St Edmunds Society registered charity number 263230

Martyn Taylor
Chairman and Heritage Advisor

Doug Beardon

Sue Savage

Robin Burnett
Bury in Bloom Chairman

Russell Cook
Review Editor

Tim Page
Secretary & Vice Chairman

Roderick Rees

Terry O’Donoghue
Programme Secretary

David Irvine
Bury in Bloom Co-ordinator

Alan Baxter

Other members:
Patrick Chung, Kerr Clement, Sarah Nunn

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