About the Bury Society

The Bury St Edmunds Society CIO embraces any positive changes which enhances the town whilst ensuring a balance with its precious heritage

As a registered charity we are funded by subscription and voluntary contributions, so please join us and have your voice heard

Our aim is to ensure that the town continues to grow and prosper while remaining a beautiful place in which to live, work or visit.

We provide a voice on issues of local importance, often before they reach the public domain. We ensure that our members find out what is happening in the town.

The Bury St. Edmunds Society CIO is a charity open to everyone who cares about Bury St Edmunds’ past, present and future. In March 2022 a new charitable incorporated organisation The Bury St Edmunds Society CIO (registered charity 1196640) was formed to take over the work of the existing charity. 

The Bury Society is a charity run by volunteers. Our objectives are to aid the enjoyment and appreciation of all who use the town by fostering its heritage and character; encouraging a balance of the old and the new; informing and engaging communities on issues that impact on our local environment.

It’s your town add your voice.

We believe that our heritage is worth maintaining, any change should enhance the town and collectively we can make a difference.

We are funded by subscriptions and voluntary contributions, so please join us and lend a hand.

Join us and make a difference

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The Bury Society not only promotes positive aspects of the town but allows its members to interact on a regular basis through a series of social events and wider excursions.

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