The Bury Society becomes a CIO

The Bury St Edmunds Society has changed to become a charitable incorporated organisation or CIO.  This will give the Society the protection of being a corporate body with limited liability.

CIOs are the new structure for charities – they have only been available since 2013, but most new charities are now CIOs and many existing charities are changing. The process of change has been underway for several months and the membership voted to approve the new CIO in January 2022.

Voting to approve the CIO in January 2022

As a result, from 31 March 2022, the charity ‘The Bury St Edmunds Society’ will cease to operate as an unincorporated body under the old charity number.

A new charitable incorporated organisation The Bury St Edmunds Society CIO (registered charity 1196640) has been formed to take over the work of the existing charity.  The trustees and members have passed formal resolutions and signed a transfer agreement such that all activities and obligations of the existing charity will transfer to the CIO on 31 March 2022.

In due course, the Charity Commission will be asked to record the formal merger of The Bury St Edmunds Society into The Bury St Edmunds Society CIO on the Charity Mergers Register.

There will be no change to our postal address, email addresses or phone numbers, but the CIO will be establishing new bank accounts

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