Donations to the Bury Society allow us to carry out our vital work. We can then encourage and support projects which provide positive enhancement to the town whilst complementing our rich heritage. The Bury Society is registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission and this means that it must:

  • Provide benefits i.e. it must do good, or positive things
  • Benefit the public which, in the case of the Bury Society, is intended to broadly mean everyone within the geographic area of Bury St Edmunds

The objects of the Bury Society are found in its constitution and can be summarised as:

  • to stimulate public interest in the area and its ongoing development
  • to promote high standards of planning and architecture, and
  • to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of distinct historic or public interest

The Society aims to fulfil these aims by raising funds from its members and others to initiate or support projects and also to use the expertise of its own officers and members in the widest possible way.   Together these can range from providing advice and ‘hands on support’ to members of the public and to the making of project grants out of the funds at its disposal.    This includes using its own savings and the funds contained in the Dr Rae Bequest.

In recent years, the Society has supported many projects including:

  • the erection of original artworks on public roundabouts including the Edmund Statue, the ‘with the grain’ sculpture, the B17 and James Moore artwork
  • the purchase of historic documents from the Cullum archives and artifacts such as the 8th century aestal for retention and display in local museums, 
  • the restoration of historic buildings and gardens including the Bury Guildhall and its historic grounds

The Society also co-operates with local and regional authorities to improve environmental awareness and social wellbeing through its Bury in Bloom campaign and activities. 

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