Membership of The Bury Society

This membership area helps to explain a little more about what the Bury St Edmunds Society CIO does, much of which takes place behind the scenes, but is no less important for that.

You can download a membership form here

Bury St Edmunds is an exciting and evolving town and the Society’s new and overlapping activities are largely dependent upon its members, volunteers and friends who help shape its future. They do this in many ways; financially by becoming members or by offering their time and abilities to ensure that it can undertake its work. Volunteering to help at an event, serving on a committee or assisting with the Bury in Bloom certificate of merit awards are some of the very many ways, large and small, which will help the Society to continue to make a difference.

So – if like us you have seen the changes in the Society and would like to carry them forward into a future which is both challenging and exciting please get in touch.

Helping Each Other

As a member your contributions can help us to help you


As a registered charity we rely solely on subscription and voluntary contributions to carry on our work. These also allow us to provide a mix of free and affordable social activities for all the members to enjoy.


Donations to the Bury Society allow us to carry on our work. It allows us to encourage and support projects which provide positive enhancement and benefit to the town whilst complementing our rich heritage.


The Society presents an Architectural Award each year for local schemes of outstanding value.

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