Planning update : March 2021

Cornhill Walk and Buttermarket

The Society was pleased to hear that the Cornhill Walk appeal has just been dismissed – only a month after the public hearing. The two main reasons for dismissal were overlooking neighbours and the impact upon local heritage – which gives encouragement to community groups such as our own. The Society believes the appeal decision shows why the planning process needs to more fully take into account the voice of the local community. We now look forward to working with the developer to bring forward new plans which might address our concerns.

The Bury Society also wrote in support of plans to convert the upper floors of 36 Buttermarket into a hotel with a new entrance onto Higher Baxter Street. The ground floor will be retained as two shop units (currently vacant Edinburgh Wool premises and Waterstones) whilst the upper floors will be converted into a hotel. We supported the application because it will bring an active public use back into High Baxter Street. We also suggested the glazed entrance foyer will introduce a point of focus on this rather utilitarian service street. However, to accommodate neighbours’ concerns about locating the hotel access on High Baxter Street, we suggest the ‘Waterstones’ shop is incorporated into the plans to create a ‘market bar’ second entrance.

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